For group courses we also offer additional starting days on request!


Bambini course 3-4 years

The bambinis need the best care of all! Our bambini course is for 4 hours a day with optional lunchtime supervision. On Sundays, we also offer a trial ticket for your little one to simply try out a day on skis. Trial tickets can easily be upgraded to regular courses.

Weekly programme for bambinis 3 – 4 yrs.

  • Day 1: Sorting of groups, magic carpet, children's train
  • Day 2: Children's train, bambini course
  • Day 3: First try on the lift
  • Day 4: Lift, skiing through the children's gates
  • Day 5: Children's chair lift
  • Day 6: Races, then lessons as normal

Prizegiving 4 pm Hotel Mesnerwirt

Weekly highlight: Every Wednesday TOP children’s show at 3.30 pm

Lunch and supervision - € 10 per day. Bookable on site.

Teaching Aids:
Magic carpet, children's train, bob track, Alpinolino course, the bumps, poles and wheels, orientation pompons, snow sails, Indian tepee, Clown badges, kiddies house to warm up


Tips to keep your children safe

  • Helmet and gloves to protect against the cold, damp and injury
  • Sun cream
  • Sunglasses or snow goggles if snowing