FAQ - questions & answers

From what age can my child learn to ski?

We start teaching children in our group lessons once they are 3 years and above.

For whom is the trial ticket valid?

We offer the trial card for young children (3-5yrs) to try out skiing for the very first time. If all goes well, you can add on more days to the trial ticket in our office. The trial ticket can only be bought for the first day of skiing.

Are there half-day courses for children?

We offer half-day courses (10-12 o'clock) only for the little ones (3 - 5 years). All other children's groups are run on a full day basis.

Can my children start a ski course at any time?

The group courses for beginners start on Sunday and Monday. Depending on capacity we are also happy to start a beginners' course on other days. We can only determine whether this is possible at very short notice. Advanced courses can be started daily, depending on availability and capacity.

Please just ask at the ski school office - we will try to fulfil all your wishes!

How large are the groups?

Maximum 10 children, in exceptional cases the group size could be 12 children.

When do I need to be at the meeting point for a ski course?

On the first day of the ski course, you should be at the meeting point at 9.30 am so that we can allocate groups, otherwise 9.45 am each day.

Where is the daily meeting point?

We begin and end each day on our nursery slopes, the Samerwiese (Samerlift) below the Restaurant Bruchstall and behind the church (Bergliftstraße 6).

Do you also have Dutch or Danish ski instructors?

Yes, we have Dutch and Danish instructors. If you would like lessons in a particular language, then please let us know when you are on the nursery slope. We will do our best, but unfortunately, we can't promise anything.

Can our children be in a group together?

Yes, this should be possible if you tell us when we are sorting the groups on the nursery slopes. However, please understand that if the children are of different skiing abilities, the better child will be placed in the group of the weaker one.

Do I have to pick up my child during the lunch break?

The ski instructor will be happy to look after your child during the lunch break and take the children to lunch (price: € 15.00/day incl. food and drink). Please give your child the right amount of money each day.

Beginner children can also be picked up at lunchtime as they are on the nursery slopes. For advanced children it is more difficult, as these groups do not return to the bottom slopes at lunchtime but go to one of the nearest ski huts. If you would like to meet up with your child at lunchtime, please talk with their ski instructor.

Do I need a lift ticket for the course?

Yes, this is not included in the price.

Beginner children do not need a lift pass on day 1 as they use the ski school conveyor belt.
For adult beginners and snowboard beginners, a practice meadow day ticket would be which can be used on the drag lift and chair lift on the bottom slopes. Your ski instructor will inform you which lift ticket is necessary or sufficient for the next day. The practice meadow day ticket is only available at the Schneeberglift ticket office.
Children up to the age of 5 do not need a lift pass, they can use the lifts and gondolas in Skiwelt free of charge.
Lift tickets are available from the chairlift (Schneeberglift) or the Alpenrosenbahn (gondola). You can find more information at www.skiwelt.at

Are there also ski courses on Friday or Saturday?

Our group courses for adults run from Sunday to Thursday.

Our group courses for children run from Sunday to Friday.

On Fridays (for adults) and Saturdays we only offer private lessons.

From what age can my child learn to snowboard?

We recommend that children are 8 years and above before they start learning to snowboard.

Does it make a difference in price whether I book a 3-day course first or, for example, a 6-day course straight away?

Yes. If you book at least a 3-day course, then you can always add on extension days. However, it is a little more expensive than booking a 5- or 6-day course from the start.

How are the groups sorted?

Groups are sorted after a short demonstration run on the bottom slopes. If the group turns out to be not quite right, then of course we can change that.

Can I get my money back if the children don't like it?

You only get a refund if you have a doctor's certificate for illness or injury. However, there are several offers (trial ticket, extension, ...) to keep the "risk" for you as low as possible.

If it doesn’t work out for you this time, then we can always issue a voucher for next time.

Is it also possible to book a group course or private lessons with a particular teacher?

We can make a note of your wishes and do our best to fulfil them, but we cannot give you a guarantee.

I have booked or reserved online, when do I have to be where?

If possible, please come to our ski school office the day before your course to pick up your tickets and we will give you more information then.

If you do not have chance to do this the day before, please come to the office well before the course starts to collect your tickets.

Is it possible to hire ski and snowboard equipment from you?

Unfortunately, not, but a short distance from our office are two ski rental shops where you can get everything you need.

Do the ski course days have to be taken consecutively or can I take a day off midcourse?

This is possible, but the price remains the same. We advise you to take consecutive days as the group will continue with the programme and learn a lot and it might mean that you need to change groups. It is best to discuss this with your ski instructor.

Is it bad if I have entered or booked the wrong group/skill?

No. Groups are sorted on the nursery slopes on your first day and you will be assigned to the appropriate group course. It is possible to change to another group with the "wrongly booked ticket" before the start of the lesson without any problems.

What happens if my child is better than the group?

If the skiing ability of an individual becomes either better or worse than the rest of the group, then it is possible to change to another group if we have capacity.  You do not need a new ticket to change. The change is made with the same ticket.

Do children need ski poles?

Beginners and intermediate children do not need ski poles. Your ski instructor will inform you if and when ski poles are needed.